Oscar Bernie is passionate about two things: writing, science, and adventure.  He’s currently working on Jefferson Jones Destroys the World. His first novel, Shadows of Omyn, is terrible.

Oscar’s marked a lot off his ‘to-do’ list.  His next stop?  International best-seller extraordinaire!!!!

  •   Get a degree (or three)
  •   Design space stuff (satellites, etc)
  •   Become an international smuggler (by smuggling things internationally)
  •   Try my hand at being a deckhand
  •   Door-to-door salesman
  •   Dance the Tango in Buenos Aires
  •   Hunt pirates
  •   Defend a nuclear reactor with nothing but a pistol and my wits
  •   Be a big-league executive
  •   Get a degree (or two)
  •   Drop out of an Ivy League university (just because)
  • Become a best-selling author