StoryMakers 2015: Adding Science to Sci-Fi (PowerPoint)


Here is a copy of my PowerPoint for the class ‘Planning for the Future – Adding Science to Sci-Fi:  Planning for the Future (Oscar Bernie)

Some people weren’t able to attend, and I promised attendees that they wouldn’t have to take notes.  If anyone has questions on the content (or follow-up class questions), feel free to email oscarberniebooks at

I’ll have my conference notes in the coming weeks, but for now, I’d like to throw a huge THANK YOU to the staff.  Melanie Bennett Jacobson deserves a heap-ton of glory for putting on a fantastic show, and the (wonderful) Jennifer Savage deserves far more kudos than she can be given for making us feel at home.

What a pretty convention center!  It almost makes up for the fact that it was in Utah county.



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