Storymakers 2015: Adding Science to Sci-Fi


I’ve just finished updating my syllabus for the 2015 LDS Storymakers Conference, THE  writing conference for LDS authors, to be held May 15th and 16th at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Utah.

The topic is “Planning for the Future:  Adding Science to Sci-Fi”.  I’ll be covering some ground rules on the Sci-Fi market, helping you find solid science resources, and conducting a Q&A on some of the major genre tools, tropes, and devices in use today.  The complete syllabus is here:  Planning for the Future (Oscar Bernie)

I’ve been working hard on this guys.  I’m pulling out all the stops with handouts, reading guides, and a Powerpoint extravaganza.  My only concern is brevity (as my two hour course has been condensed to one), but I’ll be glad to hang out afterward and answer questions we can’t field in the session.

If you have any desire to write Sci-Fi — whether you’re adding a few elements to a near-future story or inventing a universe from scratch — I promise you’ll come away with something new.  If you’re not familiar with my background, it’s super-broad, ranging from artificial intelligence, astronautical engineering, telecom, and more.  Oh, and books.  There’s that.

If you’re coming anyway, stop by and say hi.  I love to meet new people.   And if you haven’t seen me teach yet, I promise it’ll be out of this world!



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