Poetry Volume #2: Firefly, Iron Man, and Ducks


AT LTUE, I took both 2nd and 3rd place in the Vogon Poetry contest.  Ready for a new assault on your sensibilities?  Enter Poetry Volume #2.


I wash my hands so many times, but it don’t change nothin’.

Some sins you can’t wash away.

What’s dirty can’t be made clean again.

What’s gone can’t come back.

Not friends nor second chances.

My balance sheet is bleeding.

It ain’t the make or the take what’s important.

It’s people.

They live and breathe and die, so bright.

Like fireflies.

A doxy lies down with another man.  Twelve paces away.

Ten tons of metal, a hundred credits, and my pride are the only things between us.

And my pride’s as big as the whole damn ‘verse

A man can’t own a wild heart.  Maybe, a man can’t even own himself

My sins are great, and I’m tired.

It’s lonely, in my head.

You can take it all.  Take my ship.

Take my life.  It ain’t worth more than any other.

Not to anyone else but me.

Take her too, if you please.

But there’s one thing that’s mine, paid for and bought with blood.

You can’t take the sky.


One little duck goes quack, quack, quack

Tip him over and he’s on his back

Swift with the ax and chop, chop, chop

Into the pot with a plop, plop, plop

At this point in the narrative, the animal council, disturbed by the events of the day, deigns to convene.

The duck, the lone voice of protest against the establishment, has been silenced.

They hold a vigil, mourning both the death of their friend and of the uneasy peace that they’d know no more.

While the farmer eats the offender for dinner.

Tasty, tasty protest.


The new lightsaber

Keeps you from losing a hand

Too late, sorry Luke


Can you see behind the eyes, in my magic mirror?

Can you see the lines?  The lies?

Can you see past the smoke?

Every pain made plain , as the years ebb and flow.

The crease of my chin.  The yellow in my eyes.

I try not to look, as the brightness fades.

In the mirror.  In my heart.

As days turn into decades, only separated by my mind.

Only to hear that another is more fair than I.


You’re looking awful crisp today

New suit, silk tie

You’ve got it all

Sharp razor, clean shave

Except for that dab of blood

You’re going off to bigger and better things

Step onto that airplane

Show the world you mean business

You’re an iron man.

Suave, debonair

Saving the world from itself

You’re a hero, got nothing to lose

Except for that dab of blood


The night is dark, please wait up.

Are you leaving to the nearest star?

Can I come too?

I’m all packed, been waiting for years.

There’s enough moonlight to steer by

Children dream of worlds in the sky

Clicky-clack keyboard words

Make them real

My heart shudders to think

Of what comes next

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