Search for a Nemesis — Update #1

Greetings mortals,


I indicated in my post from the LTUE Conference that I need to come up with a nemesis.  Why?  All of the greats had one.  Sherlock had Moriarty.  Laurel had Hardy.  Woody Allen has fathers everywhere.

I think my nemesis should probably be a writer.  So I’m going to compile a list of possible names.  And no, this isn’t like Arya Stark’s list, I don’t wish any of these people evil.  I just need a yin to my yang, an Oxford to my comma, someone who can keep my ego in check as I languor in obscurity.


Without further to do, here is my working list of names:


Assistant Steve

Hemingway  Dead

Fitzgerald  Dead

Larry Correia (made fun of me on Facebook)

Stephen King

Steven King (note the different spelling — more obscure, closer to my level of famous-ness)

Philip K. Dick (might be dead)

Brandon Sanderson

Mary Robinette Kowal (possibly Jane Austen / immortal / time traveler)

Karen Eiffel (might not be real)

Brandon Mull (nicer than me)

Todd Gallowglass (nicer than Brandon Mull)

Christy Dorrity (better dancer than me)

Wil Wheaton

C Michelle Jeffries (caution — tougher than me)

Devon Dorrity (prettier than me)

Cindy Hogan (better at promoting than me)

J.K. Rowling

Lisa Mangum

Richard Castle

Christopher J Garcia (better hair than me)

Amber Argyle (better writer than me, more awards, also … prettier than me)

The entire staff at McSweeney’s

The staff at Cracked

Michelle Witte (editor upon whose advice I rewrote my manuscript)


The list is a work in progress and may change as I become lavishly famous and purchase a castle.  Maybe even Richard Castle.  I’ll pass it on to Assistant Steve to generate a scorecard or reality show or something.






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