I’m the worst promoter ever! No Badassdom for me.

A new film starring alumni of Game of Thrones, True Blood, Community, and Firefly is coming to Utah. Unable to find a distributor, Tugg.com is allowing real-life people (like you and me) “crowd-source” theater showings. Want to go? Buy a ticket. If enough tickets sell, the flick shows on the big screen in your hometown.

A very sad link to Tugg.com


So, silly me, I FIGURED I would be a film promoter.  I INSISTED that it would sell itself. All I have to do is post on Facebook, people will see it’s awesome, and I get free tickets, right? Err . . . no.

So, I clapped my hands, posted a few times and waited. What? No sales? Lather, rinse, repeat? Hmm. I wonder what happened? Does the movie look bad? No audience in Utah? Do I smell funny? No. None of that. I have a grad degree and years of sales experience, so I can certainly deduce the problem. Sales takes WORK. You have to approach people. You have to shake things up, wake people up out of their daily dull-drum monotony, and really make them think for a minute. Sad to say, pitching a few times on Facebook doesn’t seem to do that.

So, less than two days left, and only six tickets are sold. Hold on . . . . . . yep, six.

MORALE OF THE STORY: If you want to see a movie, you have to PAY for it. I didn’t do the work, I’m staying home.


Watch the trailer. It’s not like you’ll get to watch the movie, is it?


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