Diet fries with that?

Satisfrying? Nope. . . .


Satisfries:  Burger King has finally trumped McD’s, everyone.  A diet french fry.

So, I tried these.  And I submitted them to a speck of online research.

What is it?  Best I can tell, the fries are larger.  There is either a coating or a process (process, I’m guessing) designed to minimize grease filtration INTO the fry.  The game is that decreased grease and minimized surface area will reduce total mass of grease consumed by 40%.

The good news is that I can honestly say that it seems to work.  Bad news is the same — it seems to work.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s fantastic that people on a diet have an option.  By reducing grease calories and say . . . having a diet cola, one can massively reduce the crap intake in one’s diet.  But what’s the point?!?!  It’s still crappy fast food.

The fries themselves aren’t that bad.  They taste like the crinkle fries from Walmart.  Yep, just like you baked them at home.  They’re a little larger, though, half-way between crinkle fries and steak fries.  And they taste like fluffy potato.  Dry, fluffy potato.  And they leave you hungry.  Dry, fluffy, hungry.  They reminded me of being homeless, some friend’s mom baking you a few crappy french fries, and you leave hungry, dejected, and a little full of shame.  Yes, shame — you’re still eating french fries, lower calorie, but it’s no consolation.  You cheated on your diet for something that tastes like crap.

Please pass the extra ketchup.

Next time I cheat on my diet, I’ll just go for something that tastes good.  Satisfries are a silly niche option, but I hope they stay around.  I might be in a mood someday where they’ll make me feel just a little better about myself.  Or maybe I’ll just omit the fries altogether and opt for the Oreo Pie.


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