Re: Life, the Universe, & Everything

I just attended Life, the Universe, & Everything in Provo. I think I can summarize the conference in two words. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly certain which two words I should select.

Anyway, I met some fantastic authors, publishers, agents, and artists. I skipped most of the panels, opting instead to gossip profusely. K’Dee and I were told, repeatedly, that we should be on the radio. We’re thinking about starting a podcast — maybe we’ll have Doug and Grandpa Burt on to talk about Bigfoot?

Highlights were definitely the social stuff and dinner with Billy and Val at La Jolla Grove. I’m sure there are plenty of nice things to say about the place, and Billy and Val are probably the best ones to say them. Maybe that the decour was nice? It was easy to find? Parking wasn’t super terrible? I was able to sucker them for last-minute Valentine’s reservations? Who am I kidding, I can’t be nice — My food sucked. Dodge this hole and go to the Cafe 300 diner for the Blue Cheese Burger.

All in all, I’d highly recommend this conference for any Science Fiction / Fantasy Writers. There were so many awesome, friendly people, and it was relatively quiet — you could get face time with just about anybody. I have a few new candidates for my nemesis. Unfortunately, I probably won’t remember anyone’s names.

As an afterthought, I’d most definitely say that K’Dee was the highlight of the whole gig. She doesn’t think she’s very social, but she’s a starburst in any room she inhabits. If I ever make it big in the industry, it’ll be solely because she’s there with me, helping me rub elbows. I really don’t think I could do it on my own. Elbow skin is too freaky, it reminds me of skin from another icky body part.


Here’s a picture with my favorite person:



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