All the good writers. . . .


Apparently, I am a bad writer.

Yeah, it’s not exactly news to me.  I hear it every day.  But I really don’t need you all to keep rubbing it in my face.

My message board has become the real proving grounds, and I am delighted that you all come to torment me.  I certainly can’t keep up with all of your fantastic posts telling me to buy Abercrombie tee-shirts and illicit prescriptions.  You’re posting hundreds of times a day — how can I possibly compete with that? I haven’t even posted before today, and I’m completely outclassed by my fans.

Should I be flattered?  Maybe?  Sullen?  Of course.  I guess I should just accept the fact that I have thousands of people out there, ready and willing to hawk their wares, realizing that my board is precisely the place to reach out to the unwary consumer and dazzle.

So shine on, friends.  Sell to your heart’s content.  Or at least until I scrub the site.


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